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"How To" For What Needs To Be Done

A lot has been said, written and analysed about public health in Africa. The Web is plenty of information about that. A lot of money has been also invested in the area of public health since the first years of the African Independence. There are many strategic documents about the subject, especially regarding what must be done or enhanced in the public health domain. But, the thing is, in 2020, public health is still in pretty bad shape in many African countries.

The “Health For All In Africa” concept has not been conceived to reinvent the wheel. The concept brings a mere practical response with regard to all that has been said, written and analysed in the public health domain for Africa since the ‘60s. Africa does actually know what must be done in public health. The concept brings in the “How to" for what needs to be done in the African public health domain.

Self-Funding Health Systems

Africa has been and still is being abusively exploited for its abundent natural resources. It has been and still is done that way without any sustainable benefits for Africa’s populations. So, is it not genuinely normal and about time that African populations start to take care of themselves in a good way? However, the “Health For all in Africa” concept has not been conceived to be funded from the exploitation of natural resources. Even if that would be the just thing to do. But that would create too many complications. We all know that!

The concept has been conceived to create its own wealth that will be used to self-fund its very needed development in the medium and long run. The concept only needs an initial contribution and approval from the host country to start creating its own wealth required to operate the system from day one in self-funding mode.

Sovereign Process And Operations

We are at the very outset of the "Health For All In Africa" subject and hoping that the very best will come out of it. It is in our intentions to work closely with African countries. We hope that such endeavour is shared within each and every African country. 

Upon request from your end, we will be contacting you as quickly as possible. 

Let us know if there is anything at all that we can do to provide further information regarding the "Health For All In Africa" initiative. 

It is worth mentioning that the proponents of the concept have extensive experience and expertise in health care systems development and maintenance. Furthermore, the concept will make it possible upstream and downstream to fund the development, the implementation and the maintenance of such systems without any foreign financial aids.

"We have acquired our experience and expertise from years of developing, implementing, managing and maintaining public health systems in Canada."

"We can take disorganized manual processes and fully automate them using best practices in the industry after identifying needs, viable options and threats & risks to mitigate."

"Our experience and expertise have been operationally and strategically tested from years at the front line of the North American health systems industry."

Help Us Advocate For This Cause

We are the team advocating pro bono for the “Health For All In Africa” cause. We started the formal process in May of 2019. However, one member of the team started advocating pro bono for this cause more than 20 years ago. But the road is still long and the battle is not getting any easier. 

Help our voices get much more stronger echoes among decision makers in Africa! You can do so by making a donation to the team advocating for this cause. Thanks!

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