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Sovereign And Self-Funding Public Health Systems

Taking Care of Business Every Logical Step of the Way

The management, the development, the implementation and the maintenance of health care systems are a field of study on their own. And, most often than not, they are provided, studied and practised outside of the medical or health care practitioner field. One person may be a respected and respectable health practitioner in his/her field but it does not necessarily mean that the person will do well in the management, the development, the implementation and the maintenance of health care systems. We are not saying that health practitioners cannot manage, develop and maintain health systems but they do best in providing health care services as do professionals in the area of health care systems management, development, implementation and maintenance.

Canada is recognised worldwide for its innovative and universal health care systems, and the on-going quest for enhancements within the industry and its jurisdictions at large. The team proposing the Concept has the expertise and capacity combining many years of developing and implementing public health systems within the Government of Canada. 

The Concept we have developed for Africa will make it possible upstream and downstream to develop, implement and transition to operations sovereign public health structures and systems handling all transactions of all health care types provided to its citizens within a given country. Once the sovereign structures and the supporting systems are in place, several “things” will happen. All legal and recognized health care providers (public and private) and health practitioners within the country will be hooked up to the systems for automatic verification and validated reimbursement of eligible and approved health services they provide to citizens of the country. That in itself will bring about a wave of cultural revolution of some sort within all stakeholders and beyond for the country in question. By health care providers and health practitioners, we mean:

  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmacists
  • Medical Clinics
  • Dental Clinics
  • Treatment Centres
  • Dental Practitioners
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Family Physicians
  • Medical Specialists
  • Medical Equipment Providers
  • Medical Supplies Providers
  • Drug Providers
  • Traditional Healing Practitioners (where applicable and formally recognized)
  • Medical Transportation Providers
  • Others already defined or to be defined per country

Prior to developing, implementing and launching into operations the sovereign public health structures and systems, the Concept will be defining with local authorities the required strategic and operational framework as well as the governing legislation (e.g. Public Health Bill taking into consideration various jurisdictions within the country in question). 

The sovereign public health structures and systems will be taking into account the existing systems, including the strategic position of the country with regard to public health. The sovereign structures and systems that are proposed through the Concept will provide the country with an efficient, transparent and customized tool for the management of every aspect of the public health domains, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sovereign and modeled self-funding covering short, medium and long term
  • Management of human and financial resources at all levels of the project
  • Production of credible project statistical and financial reports at any time and for any level
  • National and regional dashboard providing at any required time the appropriate and complete data for decision making purposes
  • Proper identification of areas requiring investments and/or updates
  • Standardization of the public health sector (public, private and international
  • Log of any single issues encountered from within or outside of the process and recommended actions to address and/or mitigate them

We are talking about healthcare and health systems, however, the implementation of sovereign healthcare structures and the supporting health systems will inevitably touch other sectors of the country where it will be implemented in the short, medium and long term . That will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Existing public health structures and systems
  • Judicial and judiciary as well as the legislation of the country
  • Public works
  • Economy as a whole
  • Education system, including early childhood
  • Population as a whole including those with special needs
  • Public security as well as that of national defense
  • Sports
  • Research and development
  • Cultual communities as a whole
  • Science and its applications
  • Cultural and artistic communities

And last but not the least the proposed public health system will not require any foreign funding but will be developed, implemented and maintained with funds and wealth from within the country itself. Whether these funds and wealth are currently available or still to be created upstream and downstream, it has been has taken into consideration by the Concept who will make it possible for the proposed public health care system to be self-funded from within the country itself in the short, medium and long term . Of course, the country will still be in position to maintain all existing relationships with its financial backers. However, for every step of the way, the proposed public health care structures and systems will not need any foreign funding and will be developed, implemented and maintained in a sovereign way. That is our commitment and that is the basis of our concept.

The high level diagram for the implementation and the SWOT analysis of the concept is provided below for downloading; however, the first document is in French only, the English version is coming soon.

The Burzano Team