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The African Diasporas and the "Health For All" Initiative...

The African Diasporas have a historic leading role to play in the development of the African public health sector from their experience and expertise. It is specifically true for the case of Africa that the assistance provided by its Diasporas is too precious from all perspectives and especially with regard to the immediate and urgent relief for their close relatives and beyond. However, one should and must look at it from a global and objective point of view in the medium and long term. The reason being, especially in the public health sector, there is an urgent need to be addressed regarding the perverse effect of the assistance from African Diasporas. And that is about the wild privatisation by default from one year to the next of social programs, public health and reliefs endeavours within many African countries. Nobody really wishes for that to be happening. That is very true; nonetheless not reassuring to say the least. But that wild privatisation is by default the perverse effect that is reinforced by the resignation from the local authorities with regard to sectors that are by nature and definition meant to be public domain such as public heath. And it is never a good thing for a country that state responsibilities and obligations are being privatized by default. The idea is not for African Diasporas to be doing less than what they have been doing up to now. Not at all, that would be totally counterproductive and devastating for Africa. The idea is to ask ourselves collectively about the good questions for the best formula to end this sort of wild privatisation by default, but stopping the discussions before they begin would not be the thing to do. Of course, if the idea is to reinforce the capacity of African countries as well as that of its population instead of infantilizing them. It has, nonetheless, to be said that Africa's population, Diasporas and Civil Societies do not suffer from any lack of aspiration.

The African Diasporas will be heavily involved in the "Health For All in Africa" initiative. Share with us your insightful thoughts.

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There are two genies in Africa: The good and the bad. The good genie is still trapped in the lamp.

There are two genies in Africa: The good and the bad. The good genie is still trapped in the lamp.