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The "Next Logical Step" For And By Africa...


Many African States are still in a very fragile social, cultural, human, economic and political stability position. The domain of health care is the among most vulnerable sectors with regard to corruption in Africa. We may be stating the obvious here but in any event, it is agreed that leaders of these States have good windows of opportunity to reinforce for the best and enhance for the good their Citizen's social, cultural, human, economic and political stability. In other words, lead the country to a sustainable and acceptable social, cultural, human, economical and political development through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Africa has so many young talents in many areas just waiting to be discovered and blossom through projects such as "Health For All In Africa" which will enable them to put their talents to good use. Who would be against such an endeavour? Who can say Africa does not need such an endeavour? We are not saying that it will be easy. All we are saying is "Give logic a chance!".

The “Health For All In Africa” project recommended from our concept presents all required potentials and fundamentals to be the uniting factor within each of these countries. No elements in the political arena and the civil society of these countries can position themselves directly or indirectly against the “Health For All In Africa” project. That in itself is a priceless advantage of historic proportions that can bring about the resolution of the fragile social, human, cultural, economic and political situation in these countries, including the war zones where armed conflicts are persistent. 

The funding of the project can be achieved via funds that are not tied to any external interests to the country in question. Furthermore, the implementing processes of the project can be sovereign in all its aspects. Even the legislative process geared at legislating the project implementation would find a united legislative front due to the uniting factor of the project. And last but not least, other vital sectors of the country’s economy will be re-energized and de-fragilized by the sovereign implementation processes of the “Health For All In Africa” project. 

The use of AI is only as good as the people developing it. We are bringing our tested experience and expertise as well as our proven professional ethics and morality into the big picture of a genuine African 21st century social, cultural, human, economic and political development. Hence, it is not inappropriate at all from our point of view to assert that we may well be here at the outset of the “Next Logical Step For Africa”.

The Burzano Team

Our Services In Six Basic Steps...


Ideation Process (90 days)

The concept of the "Sovereign Health For All In Africa" is based on the five main intertwined domestic aspects of the country where it is going to be implemented: social, politics, strategic, financial and operational.  It is applicable to any country; however, we have chosen to bring it to African countries for cultural and identity reasons and to check the realities in the host country where the related results will be playing a major role in the transformation upstream and downstream of the concept into a fully functional health system. This makes it very important to properly identify the local stakeholders so they will provide input for the Concept who will put it into perspective. Furthermore, the concept has been developed to take into account what exists upstream and downstream in the health care field of the host country by enhancing what exists first and foremost.

The "Ideation Process" of the Concept will clearly define the following:

  • The extent of the problems to be resolved
  • The gaps between the "As Is" and "To Be" systems
  • How to bring artificial intelligence into the process 
  • The solutions that will be actioned through the Concept
  • The anticipated objectives and outcomes of the process
  • The pros and cons of each option identified
  • The alignment and adjustment of the Concept to the country's strategic priorities
  • The draft contractual and framework document that will be driving the relationship between us and the host country

Initiating Process (365 days)

At this stage, the host country will have formally approved all aspects that have been identified in the previous stage. We will be initiating the process and there will be an estimated high level cost associated to the process even if the estimate varies -/+ 40%.

The "Initiation Process" allows the following steps to be completed:

  • Signature of a formal contract between us and the host country
  • Setting up of the project teams and oversight body
  • Workshops with stakeholders
  • Matching identified problems with solutions
  • Confirmation of project fundamentals and high level business requirements
  • Definition of implementation options
  • Identification and recommendation of the best option
  • Identification of the communications methodology
  • Presentation of the high level self-funding process to the host country

The detailed funding process will not yet be addressed at this point as our approach is that it is better to know exactly in detailed fashion what is needed before addressing it.

Planning the Process (365 days)

The "Planning Process" is an important and vital step. We will be there every step of the way with the authorities to make sure it goes without any issues unresolved.

The "Planning Process" allows the completion of the following steps:

  • Definition of the project scope
  • Definition of the implementation schedule
  • Definition of the implementation costs (-/+ 40%)
  • Definition of the funding process and all stakeholders
  • Definition of the funding schedule
  • Approval of the funding process and schedule
  • Securing the availability of the short term funding

The Concept will make it possible for the proposed public health care system to be funded from within the country itself in the short, medium and long term. Of course, the country will still be in a position to maintain all existing relationships with its financial backers. However, for every step of the way, the proposed public health care systems will not need any foreign funding and will be developed, implemented and maintained in a sovereign way. That is our commitment.

Implementing Process (450 days)

 This is the phase where things are falling into place. The construction of the system and its ramifications will be carried out during this phase along with the transition to the operational and production phases that will be developed and actioned. 

Here are some of the projected outcomes from this phase:

  • Establishment of the governance body (implementation, launching and production)
  • Dedicated project teams
  • Construction and testing of the system and its ramifications
  • Setting up of the financial controls
  • Final detailed costs of the system
  • Implementation schedule (including all communications requirements)
  • Assessment of all known and unknown risks and threats (including how they will be mitigated)

Launch Process (95 days)

At this stage, the system and all related processes will be developed, tested and implemented.

The following will be accomplished during this phase:

  • Operationalized governing body
  • Post-mortem review and recommendations
  • Documentation and communications
  • Securing the availability of funding for the medium and long term

Production Process (90 days)

This is the phase where the entire structures and systems will be transitioned and handed over to the country's authorities.

Our role will consist of delivering the following outcomes:

  • Official closing of the entire process
  • Implementation of the recommendations from the post-mortem review
  • Drafting of the maintenance processes and procedures